About Neighbourhood Planning

Cheshire Community Action gave an excellent talk at our Annual Parish Meeting on 20th April to explain what a Neighbourhood Plan is and the benefits it can bring a community to be able to have a say in shaping its future not just in determining future housing in the parish but other aspects such as green space, cycling, parks etc.

However, Neighbourhood Plans are a lot of work to put together and would require the community of Church Lawton to work together. It is important that the community recognise that the Parish Council cannot do this alone.

For those who were unable to attend the Annual Parish Meeting but would like to know more, some links are provided below:


Locality Road Map to Neighbourhood Plans


CCA May 2016 Newsletter

The following link is to the Cheshire East site on Neighbourhood Planning and shows the parishes and towns who are currently working on one or have completed one. Relevant documents and links to legislation are also available.


Neighbourhood Planning Questionnaire

Residents of Church Lawton Parish Council should all be receiving a questionnaire through their door regarding Neighbourhood Planning.

The purpose of the questionnaire is to enable the Parish Council to determine whether residents wish for Church Lawton to work on a Neighbourhood Plan for their locality.

A copy of the questionnaire can be found by clicking the link:

Neighbourhood Plan Questionnaire

Neighbourhood Planning

Cheshire Community Action are attending the Annual Parish Meeting on 27th April to give a presentation about Neighbourhood Plans and the benefits they can bring to a community. We would urge all residents to attend this important meeting to learn more so that we can collectively make a decision as to whether Church Lawton should embark on the process.
Neighbourhood Planning